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Long Time Series

Historical data upto 5 months
Coming soon upto 5 years

160 stations across country

Compare upto 3 stations &
Save upto 10 stations as Favourites

Heat Maps

Coming soon for more details about regions without air pollution monitors

News Aggregator

One stop shop for all news related to Air Pollution

Development Pipeline

BreeZo provides visualisations and insights to creat awareness about the current air pollution, understand it's causes and devise long term solutions.

Air Pollution & Data Visualization

Understand the trends of air quality in your region to make informed decision about anti pollution product purchase, outdoor or physical activities or relocation decision. Act as a nudge to use pollution protection gear.

News Aggregator & Analysis

Aggregates syndicated web content such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts and video blogs in one location for easy viewing. Put data mining on top of it and see the trends of people are talking about or more importantly what they are not talking about.

Satellite Data Analysis & Forecasts

Predict the composition of area under the pollution curve 9 i.e. % from crop burning, construction, vehicles & miscellaneus. Calculate biomass burned, provide feedback to government & industry to solve crop burning crisis.

IoT integration with 3rd party air purifiers & monitors

Provide cheap IoT add on to integrate air monitors and purifiers from various brands & third party with BreeZo. Give insights into device performance. Increase regional mapping of air quality.

Solutions Against Air Pollution

Stack's visual style is simple yet distinct, making it an ideal starting point for your project whether it be a basic marketing site, or multi-page company presence.



Create Awareness through detailed & contextual air pollution data visualisation


Short Term

Nudge people to buy and use air pollution masks, monitors & filters


Long Term

Inform public policy & private sector to solve root problems of the air pollution