Join one of India's fastest growing Geospatial Data Analytics Startup in a quest to solve the Indian Air Pollution Crisis.

  • Driven by Complex Engineering Problem

    We are building a geospatial data refinery to provide dynamic, high resolution, and high velocity, environmental data to global customers. Think “Bloomberg for Environmental Data”.

    Blue Sky aims to create a suite of products specializing in Air Quality, Water pollution, Industrial Emissions etc. Of the above, an AQI visualization app, BreeZo has already been launched on the Android Play Store.

  • Company DNA

    As a part of the team, you may not be the co-founder of the company and be called an “Entrepreneur” but you are a member of the core team and certainly deserve the title of “Part-time Entrepreneur” because you have a belief and have committed to building a data backbone of a sustainable environment.

    One of the key elements of our work culture is that you are expected to establish your own deadline and hold yourself accountable to them. We are self-starters driven by love for technology and data and passion to create change.

  • Sucker for social & environmental impact

    Blue Sky Analytics is a provider of Data & Analytics as a Service solution to various private and public clients. The initiative emerged out of a need to improve the quality of data and remove biases and opinions from the environmental decision-making process.

    We are building a large data stack of key environmental indicators starting with Air Pollution to inform, enable, and assist key public policy, private decisions, and social action.

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5 days work/week

Air Quality > 20 at work

Informal dress code

Flexible roles & work culture

All meals are on us while at work

Relevant MOOCs to learn & grow

Complex Engineering problem

Advanced big data analytics & modelling

Smart strategy to catalyze & enable change

  • Full Stack Developer

    You will be the code wizard of the house as a full-stack developer highly conversant with React & NodeJS stack, who shall coordinate with the founders to design and launch new features.

    We are looking for a potential JS Ninja who can learn and build fast. You understand JS deeply, know all about it’s good and bad parts alike. You love Linux and don’t mind writing a bash script to rename a couple of thousands of files in one go and other mundane tasks. You do not shy away from TypeScript, Vanilla JavaScript and synchronous JavaScript

    You bring experience with MicroServices architecture design principles and scalability best practices to the table. Should be able to write high-performance code and follow the best practices to create secure apps, and own full-stack development from inception to maintenance. You are passionate to continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency. Excited to move fast, prioritize and make critical decisions, and ensure system performance under load.

    Note: If your major language is Python or PHP and NodeJS is not your strong point, please don’t apply for this role.

    • Ideate, design and implement the overall architecture of the web application upto deployment
    • Build web-based applications with RESTful APIs
    • You will be responsible for DB design, and all the other micro-level decisions that need to be taken for other architecture level decisions.
    • You will be expected to review code for other developers as part of peer reviews.
    • Must be able to unit-tests code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
    • Ensure responsiveness of applications with delightful UX and appealing UI.
    • Experience building RESTful APIs with flexibility and extensibility with NodeJS & Express
    • Love for MySQL and NoSQL alike worked with MongoDB and Relational Database like MariaDB
    • Experience with AWS Services like EC2, Cloudwatch, Lambda, S3 etc
    • Experience working on a Linux system and bash scripting
    • Proficiency in CS concepts such as Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Know frontend Tech like HTML/CSS/Sass on the back of your hand
    • Experience with some UI library or framework, be it backbone.js or Angular. React + Redux is a big plus
    • Basic understanding of PWA (Progressive Web Application Development) & TWA
    • Willingness to learn and switch to Express ( NodeJS ) framework for day to day development
    • Experience with CI/CD
  • Front End Developer

    You are a JS Ninja who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. Skilled in React JS, Master in CSS and can build sleek and smooth websites in a jiffy. Doesn’t shy away from building a small scale framework for their needs. Knows Bootstrap 4 and when not to use it. Know what BEM is and why we use it?

    A part of our core development crew, you’ll be converting business problem along with coffee into Javascript, conducting code reviews and coordinating and collaborating with Backend, Product and data teams. You will work with the UI/UX designer and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks as well as how it works.

    As our Frontend Developer, you’ll be building a range of products using an array of exciting technologies. You should have a good understanding of consuming REST APIs and of asynchronous request handling, and data flow in complex applications Knowledge of SEO principles is an added advantage. Your job is essentially bringing life to the designs.

    • Develop new user-facing features
    • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
    • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
    • Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
    • Perform code reviews and design reviews
    • Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end
    • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
    • Proficiency in web markup, including HTML and CSS3
    • Understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms like SASS & SCSS
    • Proficiency in client-side scripting & JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery
    • Experience using at least one JavaScript framework like AngularJS, ReactJS, etc in a production environment
  • Engineering Interns

    We hire full-stack, front-end, back-end engineering interns on a rolling basis. Knowledge of React.JS, HTML, CSS is a must and Node.JS, Gatsby is a big plus.

    Only those candidates who are available for full time (in-office) internship can apply. Last semester college students or recent engineering undergraduate from Delhi/NCR are welcome to apply

    Stipend :

    1) 6 - 12K for 3-month internship for students

    2) 10 - 15K for 4-month internship + potential job offer for recent graduates.

    • Should be Exceptional at HTML/CSS, and proficient in Javascript
    • Should have demonstrated work contributions on GitHub or CodePen
    • Expertise working with Node, Postgres, and JavaScript libraries, such as React and Angular.
    • Should have a good demonstrated design and UX sensibilities
    • Translating design into clean and quality code with Pixel perfection is your forte
    • Should understanding pages-peed & a whole array of optimizations to make app fast & performant
    • Experience building responsive websites/web interfaces; PHP/ Wordpress websites don’t count.
  • UI/UX Designer

    We're looking for someone who can take direction from written or spoken ideas and convert them seamlessly into interactive layouts. If you’re a strong creative thinker, constantly curious, and can’t stand users having anything less than a stellar experience, we want to hear from you!

    You will be responsible for designing Mobile and Web interfaces for clients ranging across various industries. You will be involved in the product ideation with founders, clients, and investors and work closely with other engineering and data team members to come up with interactive design solutions. You will gather insights from analytics, conduct adequate research and employ a User-Centered design approach.

    You will deliver strong and clean web designs along with responsive versions. You will be expected to come up with fresh interactions, visuals, and artwork, and work in sync with the development team and provide them with assets required for development (animations, icons, optimized images, etc.) within delivery timelines.

    You will be expected to communicate very complex computer and data engineering concepts and environmental problems with visual design to a layman at a kindergarten level. If you have a passion for conceptual thinking and visual communication; mail your portfolio, Behance profile, Illustrations and other UI designs to [email protected]

    • Create UI/UX design of Mobile and Web applications that will truly delight our users
    • Design elegant solutions to complex workflows. Develop wireframes, behavioural specifications and personas
    • Create interactive consumer and business applications by developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations
    • Keep the interface beautiful and easy to use. Initiate, suggest, and spearhead major UI refactorings for a more intuitive user experience
    • Act as the user-advocate during the development process, subjecting early-stage designs to usability testing or expert review, and offering implementation suggestions from a user-centred perspective
    • An outstanding portfolio, showcasing a foundation in interaction, visual design, colour theory, typography and ideation.
    • Exceptional design skills, production value and attention to detail. Strong conceptualization and visual communication ability. Passion to delight users with a simple and functional design.
    • Experience designing digital products and systems, not just websites. You have helped build products.
    • Strong working knowledge of popular design tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision, Photoshop and Abstract
    • Ability to create wireframes and prototypes. Understanding of common software development practice
  • Communications Lead

    We are looking for someone obsessed with crystal clear communication of complex concepts to everyone like they are a kindergarten student. You love to read books and articles in voracious amounts. You can quickly learn Quantum Physics or Auction theory or Neural Networks, and explain these concepts to people using simple language.

    You will be responsible for all communications collateral to investors, clients, stakeholders, and media from the company. You will work closely and report directly to the CEO. As a communications lead of a data and tech startup,, we expect you to build a fundamental understanding of data structures, code base, atmospheric dispersion models, etc. and deliver crisp one pagers or pitch decks or web content explaining such complex concept to the rest of the world in an engaging and simple fashion.

    An ideal candidate would obsess over the nitty-gritty of communication and human psychology to deliver simple and engaging collateral. You will be expected to collaborate with the UI/UX designer, strategy lead, and the tech/data team to build communications strategy and documents. From time to time, you will be expected to lead client engagement, stakeholder mapping, and investor relations, and represent the company at key forums.

    You are a Google drive maverick, and are obsessed about organizing the docs, ppts, excels and pdf in order with proper version control, and your passion is to explain complex concepts to laymen, write to us at [email protected]

    • You will be the key person for all written, verbal and written communications of the company with the external world.
    • You will be expected to write content for varied type of stakeholders from healthcare CXOs to Government Senior Officials to journalists & other media professionals
    • You will be expected to stay on top of all follow-up conversations, meetings, & deliverables
    • You will write and manage given documents: Client proposals, Grant proposals, Investor pitch decks, Competition applications, and Media Collateral
    • Self Driven, quick learner with excellent written & verbal communication skills
    • Good at explaining stuff no matter it’s what a JS promise is or Event loop or Renaissance to a 5 Year toddler or a 60-year-old retired colonel.
    • Must be a self-starter who can work well with minimal guidance and in a fluid environment.
    • Exceptional email and messaging etiquette, punctual, resilient and go-getter.
    • Has a good sense of humour and ability to understand sarcasm
    • Has a genuine sense of curiosity towards knowledge and learning, and imparting that to others.
    • Sees communications (verbal or visual) as a tool to change the world, rather than a job and responsibility to earn.
  • Strategy & Parternships Lead

    You love to meet know people. You identify key partners, stakeholders, relevant personnel, and build deep relationships representing Blue Sky Analytics with people as well as organizations. You are always on top of your email, messaging, and calendar game. You fix meetings on a call or text, add it on the calendar, do thorough research prior to the meeting, and maintain exhaustive minutes of meetings.

    You are the external face of the company, and hence you may or may not be a code monkey but you are obsessed with technology and data and its power to change the world. You understand the underlying algorithms and technology and are truly able to represent the power of our products to the world.

    As a young business, we are exploring opportunities in a varied range of sectors with Indian & Global partners. On a month-to-month basis, you will be thrown a new industry sector at you, and you will be expected to map it out, initiate conversations, manage communications, and build partnerships.

    You will be expected to meet, maintain communications, and liaise with high-level government officials, CXOs, investors, country directors, etc. To start with, you will build a deep network within the 1) governmental institutes in Environment like MOEFCC, CPCB, DPCC, various SPCBs, 2) legal entities and personnel like NGT lawyers, Supreme Court, EPCA etc, 3) Print & News media, etc, 4) Healthcare industry encompassing hospitals, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies etc., and 5) the list goes on.

    Note: this role is best suited for an individual with future entrepreneurial aspirations. Speed and persistence are the defining skills for this role.

    • Identifying, mapping key personnel, and building relationships with potential clients and partners. Make exhaustive and organized notes and maintain minutes of the meetings.
    • Classify & organize partners and stakeholders into Industry such as Government, Media, Think Tanks, HealthCare, Insurance, Consumer Products, Sports, Education, etc.
    • Develop a deep and long-standing relationship with the partners - to drive relationships from the strategic to the tactical
    • Analyze business trends to develop changes to keep up with market trends. Continuously explore and evaluate new partnership opportunities.
    • Entrepreneurial mindset, tremendous drive & ownership. Must be a self-starter who can work well with minimal guidance and in a fluid environment.
    • Exceptional email and messaging etiquette, punctual, resilient and go-getter.
    • Pleasing & presentable personality. Excellent communication skills; Ability to connect with people across teams & levels. Desire and ability to think like the customer/ partner.
    • Stellar networking & negotiation skills and the ability to make smart partnerships happen. Startup sales, partnerships or BD experience is a big plus
    • Very strong on problem-solving skills and logical reasoning, extremely data-driven. Strong, understanding of technology and business.
  • BreeZo Growth Hacker

    You are a user growth-obsessed hacker with a singular responsibility to increase user traction the BreeZo: Air Pollution App. You have focus and obsession with the number of people using BreeZo, time-spent and engagement of users on the web or mobile App. You are a big believer in the power of tech and data to solve problems and catalyze change, but you deeply understand that any technology unless adopted by the end user is of no fruition.

    You are expected to engage, interview, and study the target user audience and understand their perspective. You metric for success is to get the BreeZo deeply embedded in target user’s life. You obsess over simple questions, like why did the user spent 1 minute but not 2 minutes on the App your platform. You own the App, engagement metrics, google analytics, cookies data, and so on. You reside in the brains of your user and don’t mind picking a fight with the tech team or UI/UX designer on poor customer engagement metrics.

    While the overall agenda of solving air pollution, increase awareness, building great technology products, and enabling key decision makers, is important to you and you have a basic understanding of it all. Whether it is our B2C product or B2B product, direct or channel partner distribution, you simply care about the number of eyeballs on the product. Your task is to map out the target audience and conquer their mind space.

    • Extremely creative/hacker mindset: Digital Native, passionate to reach out to all top Whatsapp groups, Facebook Moms groups, hundreds of offline groups, anything it takes driving traffic to your App, website, landing pages, social media,
    • Optimize the website/product experience by partnering with tech team & UI designer to penetrate target audience and reach our aggressive targets.
    • Interact directly with users to understand the user journey. Gather voice-of-customer to influence and enhance the user experience and optimize flows
    • Develop and execute optimization efforts spanning messaging, positioning, banners etc.
    • Develop written and audiovisual content (blog posts, info-graphics, tutorial videos, host webinars, etc, all forms of content) to help with customer acquisition
    • Obsess over the virality process and do many small experiments to seed a viral Air Pollution movement
    • An ideal candidate has prior growth hacking experience with some startup product or App. (B2C App experience would be preferred).
    • Radical Accountability: Run the show like you the product builder/ owner, incredible detail orientation, and process thinking.
    • Demonstrated success and passion for collecting and using customer insights to drive strategic decisions. Knowledge of SEM, email, sales development, and product user experience
    • Experience with growth hackings tools such as Optimizely for A/B Testing, MailChimp for email marketing campaigns, HubSpot for CRM, & Zapier to automate workflows.
    • Understanding users’ behaviour, having great customer relations skills, keep a single-minded focus on customer experience
  • Research Associate

    This is a research position in a non-academic fast-paced technology startup setting. You are the Bran of Blue Sky Analytics. You will be expected to drink from a hose pipe and understand everything at high speed. You are a highly curious person who doesn’t mind spending hours reading about new concepts, businesses, policies, strategies, anything thrown at you. You love to browse on the internet and make meticulous and organized notes of all your research.

    You will work very closely with the communications and partnerships lead, reporting directly to the CEO. You will be responsible to maintain notes on internet discussions and conversations, do quick turnaround research with short 1-2 page internal deliverables on a plethora of topics, from saying IoT to the respiratory healthcare industry to National Clean Air Plan.

    You will be marked for the speed and quality of your turnaround time to take a singular statement and deliver research on that. Your tasks and topics will be expected to have a daily/ weekly cadence and will be relatively short and disperse in nature.

    An ideal candidate for this role is fresh out of college candidate with major (or exceptional interest) in engineering, economics, technology, data, policies, business, and whatnot. This is a short-term role with a 6 month to the window, upon which candidate can be promoted to another role within the firm, or will be provided with Letter of Recommendation for their next stint.

    It is an ideal stint for a final semester student or recent college graduate to build a better understanding of the industry with exposure to tech, big data, analytics, public policy, and other varied sectors and topics. Candidates who have applied for other roles in the strategy team but do not have ample skills may also be relayed to this role for consideration.

    • You will be responsible to swiftly (with a daily/ weekly cadence) do small research projects and turnaround reports to the internal team.
    • You will work closely with the CXOs, UI/UX Designer and Communication lead on necessary research for their meetings, documents, collaterals etc.
    • You will be the resource for the communications lead to understand, analyze, and simply the work of data and tech team to build communications collateral for the external world.
    • You will be judged on your speed and punctuality. You will be thrown many tasks and research topics and would be expected to clear/ delete/ priorities them with the CEO on a weekly basis.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Economics, Statistics, Political Science or related fields. Young India Fellows are highly encouraged to apply. Commerce or BBA folks should not apply.
    • Basic understanding of technology, multivariate statistics, & complex algebra is a must. the ideal candidate would have read 50-100 non-fiction books during undergraduate.
    • An extremely sharp, fast, analytical, and quick learner. You consider yourself a polymath.
    • This is research, analysis, and exploration role, and only genuinely curious people with the capacity to focus minimum 4-6 hours/ day should apply.
    • The ideal candidate would have done many case studies, debate competitions, speeches, and other literary extra-curricular activities in school.

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